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Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets happen when you least expect it. When you are late for work, or distracted for a second, or any other reason which caused you to go a little faster than expected. All of a sudden you are pulled over by police conducting a speed trap. 

Almost every motorist will eventauly give in to temptations and drive faster than they should. Getting caught and fined by police officer can be extremely frustrating and have severe consequences. You should learn about Illinois speeding laws to prepare yourself if you are ever faced with this unfortunate situation. We have all been in this situation. With the amount of paper written on Illinois roadways everyday drivers are being targeted, not just the “speed demons.” 

Over nearly 30 years representing clients in traffic court, our speeding ticket lawyers have developed procedures and a knowledge base of technicalities strategies to challenge radar, laser evidence so our clients save money and protect their driving records. We have several offices in the Chicago Land area from Chicago to Joliet where you can consult with a traffic ticket attorney today.

Call us today at 773-609-4108 or contact us online to get more information about our free consultation and services to know your options.

What Can You Do If You Get a Speeding Ticket

When you are driving behind the wheel of your vehicle, you are doing everything you can to obey the traffic laws. Naturaly you aren't perfect, and sometimes you slip and exceed the speed limit. Like most motorists who recieve tickets, you are wondering whether you can the speeding ticket dismissed or the fine reduced. 

If you are looking for more information, please select the county you live in.

Reasons for Ticket Dismissal 

All speeding tickets will stay on your record anywhere from 3 to 10 years, depending on the circumstances. This will also affect your insurance rates. Thankfully, there are several ways that a judge may throw out the traffic ticket. For this to happen, you will need to dispute the ticket and show up to court. If the officer who gave you the ticket fails to show up to the proceedings, this will work in your favor. In this situation, the judge may drop the charges against you. If you can show that you were speeding to avoid a collision with a car or object, your ticket may get reduced or dismissed. Other possible situations may be if the officer writes down the wrong information about you or your car. The use of broken equipment may also work in your favor.


Reasons For Fine Reductions

After you are pulled over by an officer, and you are cited for speeding, you should ask, “How do you get your speeding ticket reduced?” It may be worth it to challenge the ticket and request a reduction in the fine. the judge will look at your driving record. If you have very few or no previous violations, there is a good chance the judge could reduce the fines for your ticket. The judge may also consider similar factors to a ticket-dismissal situation.

Is it worth fighting a speeding ticket? Moving citations can hit you heavy in the pocketbook. By researching the possibilities and going to court, you could save yourself a big chunk of change.

Understand Your Rights

Do all speeding tickets go on your record? Not necessarily and they don't have to, but only if you contest the ticket in court. Speeding tickets typically result in one or two points on your record. This might not seem like much, but points from minor infractions stay on your record for 39 months. If you get too many tickets then your driver’s license may be suspended. 

If you receive 3 convictions for moving violations in 12 months, this will result in suspension. The suspension is mandatory, not discretionary. In fact, it is applied by a computer program, not a person working for the Secretary of State. The program counts convictions on your driver’s record (called a driver’s abstract), and if you have three in one year, your license is suspended. It is important to note that it is 3 convictions that will suspend you from driving. Not simply three tickets.

Fight for your privilege to drive

Fighting a speeding ticket requires you or your traffic lawyer to craft a defense of your defense. Evidence such as the police officer’s notes, witness affidavits and video footage might be gathered to determine the context of your situation. If your case goes to trial, the police officer who issued you the ticket will have to appear at trial or make a statement in writing. There is a possibility that a police officer won’t respond to a court request, however, which may lead to your case getting dropped.

Why should you choose Odeh Speeding Ticket Law Group to represent you in traffic Court?

  • We are an actual law firm with real lawyers, not paper pushers. Not an app, not robots. Our team will walk you through every step of the process.

  • We will actually got to trial - We will be in court with you, when it's time to be in court. Many so-called “ticket fighting services” only push paperwork and will end up referring you to our firm when they fail.

  • We have over 30 years of experiencing getting tickets dismissed.

Fight your Illinois Speeding Ticket

Even the most defensive and careful drivers sometimes receive speeding tickets. If you were caught in a hurry to get to work or in a speed trap, one thing you should never do is pay your ticket right away. Even if the police officer had a radar gun or laser device, you can get help from Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law Group, Illinois' trusted speeding ticket lawyer. Our speeding and red light ticket lawyers can help you fight your way out of it. 

Decades of Traffic Court Experience

When you hire The Odeh Law Group to be your Illinois traffic ticket lawyer, we will bring to you more than thirty years of experience with former government attorneys with skill and professionalism. Most services only help you with filing paperwork–we give personalized legal counsel and are ready to go to trial for you if necessary.

We Handle all Types of Speeding Tickets

We fight everyday various Speeding tickets, including:​

  • Speeding over 100 MPH

  • Speeding over 35 MPH over the limit

  • Speeding 26+ MPH over the limit

  • Speeding 11+ MPH over the limit

Our lawyers can also help you clear a ticket if you were initially detected by an airplane. Any of these tickets can significantly impact your license and driving privileges. If you lose your license because of your ticket, we can also help you fight a ticket for a suspended license.

We Handle all Types of Speeding Tickets

Our team of lawyers at the Odeh Traffic Law Group are fully licensed to provide legal representation in all Illinois courts with extensive knowledge. When you contact us, we start with our proven 22-point checklist to determine whether the police have enough information and documents to prove his or her case in court. If we find out even a single document is missing, we can get your case thrown out. Otherwise, we’re ready to help you get your ticket reduced or dismissed by proving your innocence.

We Handle all Types of Speeding Tickets

Don't hesitate, start fighting your speeding ticket right now. You want to give your lawyer as much time as possible to craft the best possible defense to get your speeding ticket dismissed. Call us at 773-609-4108 Or fill out our online form

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