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Lake County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Charged with a Traffic Ticket or Violation in Lake County?

Traffic Ticket Law Group provides legal service predominantly in the area of traffic law. They have represented clients in over Thousands of cases, and are available to assist you with your traffic ticket. Contact a Lake County traffic ticket lawyer at the firm who will learn the specifics of your case, and determine a course of action that is designed to help you not be found guilty and avoid the points on your driving record.

There is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding stop sign violations in Illinois. Traffic Ticket Law Group is a law office that concentrates specifically in traffic law and gives clients the chance to speak directly with an attorney. While the firm is small enough for this type of one-on-one service, it is still large enough to address any type of traffic violation throughout Illinois. 

They are able to provide legal support in matters that involve: traffic tickets, speeding, traffic light violations, stop sign violations, suspended license, driving with revoked license, the move over law, minor driving without license, DUI, leaving the scene, open container, failure to yield right of way, expired/no drivers' license, registration violations, traffic control devices, improper lane change, careless/reckless driving, no passing zone, bench warrants, and the point system. In most civil infraction traffic ticket cases, clients are guaranteed or their money back that:

  • They will not have to make any court appearances

  • They will not be obligated to attend driving school

  • They will not have points applied to their drivers' license

  • They will not be found guilty

Driver's License Points in Lake County

In a traffic ticket case, you are innocent until proven guilty. There are several defenses that can be used that may result in your ticket being thrown out. If the citation was filled out incorrectly by the law enforcement officer who stopped you, it may be possible to get it dismissed. You may also be able to do this if the law enforcement official, or any other witness to the stop, fails to appear in court to prove the case against you.

Reasons for Ticket Dismissal 

All speeding tickets will stay on your record anywhere from 3 to 10 years, depending on the circumstances. This will also affect your insurance rates. Thankfully, there are several ways that a judge may throw out the traffic ticket. For this to happen, you will need to dispute the ticket and show up to court. If the officer who gave you the ticket fails to show up to the proceedings, this will work in your favor. In this situation, the judge may drop the charges against you. If you can show that you were speeding to avoid a collision with a car or object, your ticket may get reduced or dismissed. Other possible situations may be if the officer writes down the wrong information about you or your car. The use of broken equipment may also work in your favor.

We Handle all Types of Speeding Tickets

Don't hesitate, start fighting your speeding ticket right now. You want to give your lawyer as much time as possible to craft the best possible defense to get your speeding ticket dismissed. Call us at 708-294-2112 Or fill out our online form


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