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CDL Speeding Ticket

If you have a CDL (Commerical Driver's License) and were issued a Illinois traffic ticket,  it’s important to win and dismiss these speeding tickets because you could lose your job! Your CDL is your livelihood, and a suspended CDL will inevitably affect your income source. As a CDL holder, the negative impact for each traffic infraction you receive is much greater than the affect of the same traffic violation for non-commercial drivers.  You are also not eligible for traffic school with a CDL, and this is why it’s crucial for all CDL holders to fight and win their traffic tickets. Our traffic ticket attorneys are very experienced at fighting Illinois traffic tickets for CDL drivers. We win 90% of CDL traffic tickets or your money back! We can save your CDL, remove points, dismiss fine amounts, and win your CDL traffic ticket without you having to

go to court. Let us handle the entire process for you. You will keep your CDL clean, and more importantly, maintain your job. A CDL ticket dismissal is easy when we are in your corner.

CDL Speeding Ticket Dismissal with Illinois Traffic Tickets

As a commercial driver we know that you spend a lot more time driving on the road across the country, which will likely raise your chances of receiving a speeding traffic ticket. This is why we really fight hard for CDL drivers as losing a case would cost their livelihood!  We also understand that one traffic violation can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket and this would really eat away at your income. Insurance hikes will likely stay for 3 years and this is another reason why CDL traffic tickets must be won.  Call our office for a free CDL Traffic Ticket consultation today!  Our Illinois traffic ticket attorneys have years of experience in this industry and we know what it takes to win a cdl ticket dismissal.

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Extra Careful

Professional drivers on the road have a duty to be extra careful. They have more on the line when they are behind the big rig wheel. Not only is it more difficult to obtain a CDL, but these drivers are representing a company while on the road. These truck drivers are at the control of larger, more dangerous vehicles that can inflict more damage and harm than most other vehicles on the road. 

Speeding Ticket Violations

Speeding tickets are the most common violation a police officer will issue for a traffic infraction. Commercial drivers are not immune to these types of violations. Speeding with a CDL can cause drivers great concern. If this is a petty speeding violation, you should be able to keep your driver's license. However, if you have multiple citations, or if the speeding caused a serious injury or death, your career could be in trouble. In addition, you will most certainly lose your CDL if you receive a DUI or DWI while speeding or if you left the scene of an accident. 

The Risks Commercial Drivers Face

Professional licenses and permits require have different conditions which drivers must adhere to. Commerical driver holders are held to a higher standard of safety than a regular drivers. This means any tickets you receive while driving a commercial or personal vehicle with your CDL run the risk of being quite significant. Understanding whether or not CDL ticket dismissal is possible for your case comes down to consulting the right attorneys.

Call us today at 773-609-4108 or contact us online to get more information about our free consultation and services to know your options.

Successfully Fight Your CDL Traffic Ticket

Even the best professional drivers can make a mistake and receive a CDL traffic ticket. Our lawyers at Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law Group not only serve all of Illinois but also handle CDL tickets resulting from:

  • Running a red light

  • Getting involved in an accident

  • Receiving a DUI

  • Speeding

  • Reckless driving

  • Driving with a suspended license

  • Weigh station ticket

  • Truck or Tractor Driving Over 55 mph Speed Limit

With an over 90% success rate, you can trust our attorneys at Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law group to handle your trucking legal services. 


Keep your Job, Not Your Speeding Ticket

When you are facing a truck driving speeding ticket, you don't have to worry that your boss or company will find out about your ticket. With thousands of cases handled and over 30 years of experience spent fighting traffic tickets, our lawyers will know how to deal with the traffic case. You don't have to keep the negative marks on your CDL license, or waste time attending court or traffic school, you can trust your case to our lawyers. 

Our prices are very reasonable, and we believe getting a CDL traffic ticket can be stressful, we will not add to that stress. To get the Odeh Law Group Traffic and Speeding on your case, call us at 773-609-4108 or fill out our online form and one of our lawyers will reach out to you for a free consultation. 

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