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Suspended License

The state of Illinois has a right to suspend an individual's driver's license if they want. If your driver's license is suspended, this means you can't drive any car for a certain period of time. The period of suspension can range from 6 months to several years, which can negatively impact a person's ability to live a normal life. If your driver's license is currently suspended, you can speak with a traffic attorney for free to see if help is available. 

A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You Get Your Driving Privileges Back.

We understand that life is unpredctible, and sometimes unpaid parking tickets or other issues may have caused your license to be sspended. Luckily, our traffic court lawyers know the best strategies and approaches to help clients get their driving privileges back. We have helped thousands of clients in the state of Illinois, from Cook County to Will County and DuPage. Call us for a free consultation at 773-609-4108. 


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Top Causes of License Suspension

The severity of a license suspension depends on the traffic law that you allegedly violated. Common causes include:

  • Getting into an accident without car insurance

  • Failure to report a traffic accident

  • Conviction for driving under the influence

  • Underage drinking

  • Refusing to take a drug or alcohol test

  • Too many points on your driving record

  • Vandalism

  • Failure to appear in court

  • Failure to pay child support

The Consequences of Driving on a Suspended License

Law enforcement will be the first to tell you that driving a vehicle is a privilege, not a right. If you commit an infraction to temprarily suspend that privelage, it can be hard to get it back. If your driver's license is suspended and you decide to drive a vehicle, expect the penalties to be severe. You have to know how much a ticket for driving on a suspended license really costs. 

How Much are Fines for Driving on a Suspended License?

Some people think that they will get lucky, by driving on a suspended license and not getting caught. This mindset is like playing with fire. Eventually, you probably will get caught, and you won’t like the outcome. The costs and fines are different in each stateand can vary considerable. In Illinois, driving on a suspended license is a class A misdemeanor, with fines up to $2,500 and up to 1 year in jail. For a second offense, the fines can be much higher. 

If you’re wondering can you got to jail for driving with a suspended license, the answer is absolutely yes. 

Getting a Reinstatement

One of the most common questions a person will ask an attorney that specializes in traffic and vehicle laws is, “How do I reinstate a suspended license?” The answer will depend on the severity of the suspension. However, if you sign up to traffic school and pay your fines, you should be able to get your driver's license back. 

Driving on a suspended license is not a wise decision. Thankfully, if you comply with court orders and state regulations, you can get it back.

How To Reinstate Your License

Our suspended license attorneys can inform you if there is a away to shorten your suspension period. Completing court requirements such as traffic school, obtaining insurance or installing an interlock device in your vehicle might get you back on the road quickly. In addition, it is possible to obtain a restricted driver's license that can be used for specific reasons such as work, school, and medical appointments. 

Create an Aggressive Case

To reinstate your driver's license, you will need to go to the DMV. Officials will require a lot of documentation, which can mke the process tricky. A Illinois driver's license suspension lawyer can work on your behalf to navigate these requirements so you have a better chance at getting your privileges back.

Why Should You Choose Our Traffic and Speeding Law Group To Represent You In Traffic Court?

  1. We are a real law firm with former government attorneys who will review your case. We are not an app and not robots. Our legal team will walk you through the entire process and keep you informed throughout the case. 

  2. We will actually go to trial and fight your ticket in court. Many so-called “ticket fighting services” only push paperwork and will end up referring you to our firm when they fail.

  3. Our traffic lawyers have over 30 years of experiece. Traffic ticket attorneys at the Odeh Law Group have developed defense strategies from handling thousands of cases accross the state of Illinois. 

Get Your Driver’s License Back

Getting your driver's license suspended can be very frustrating. ​If you take the risk and drive while your license is suspended, you may get a driving on a suspended license ticket. However, a suspended license lawyer from Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law Group can help you reinstate your driving privileges or fight a suspended license ticket in Illinois. 

Fight a License Suspension

Here at the Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law Group, we know that driver's licenses can get suspended for many reasons, including:

  • Getting too many points on your driving record

  • Receiving a speeding or careless driving ticket

  • Failing to pay fees or appear in court

  • Getting a DUI charge–in which case you’ll need help from our Los Angeles DUI attorneys

Regardless of the reasons for your driver's license to be suspended, you may need to take traffic school, take defensive driving scourse, and pay reinstatement fees. We know that dealing with a suspended license can be frustrating and irritating. Whether you simply didn’t pay a parking ticket or you’re facing hefty drunk driving charges, our lawyers can help.

Reduce or Dismiss Tickets

With the help of Illinois Traffic attorney, you may be able to get your ticket significantly reduced or dismissed by defending against the ticket you face that may result in a license suspension. We can help you get out of tickets for speeding, reckless driving, running a red light, DUI and more. That way, you will not have to face the consequences of losing your license. 

Get Your Driving Privileges Back

If your license is already suspended, we can help you pursue reinstatement. You may be able to appear in court and fight your license suspension. Otherwise, we can guide you through the process of paying unpaid tickets or the reinstatement fee. You may also be able to get a restricted license to get some of your driving privileges back before a full reinstatement.

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