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Fix It Ticket

A number of drivers all have the same question – “What is a fix it ticket?” Simply put, a fix-it ticket is a ticket associated with a relatively simple, non-criminal traffic violation. Such tickets are called fix-its because in comparison to more serious criminal traffic violations, they are fairly simple to take care of. Fix-it tickets are often issued for violations such as:

  • Failing to signal

  • Driving with an expired registration

  • Running a stop sign

  • Driving with obscured license plates

  • Speeding less than 15 mph over the speed limit

The cost of a ticket usually depends on what the ticket is written for. Tickets issued for more severe violations will naturally be more expensive. Call us for a free consultation at 773-609-4108.

What Should You Do If You Are Issued a Fix-It Ticket?

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You may ask yourself, “What do I do if I get a fix it ticket?” Most of the time, taking care of a fix-it ticket is a straightforward process, which is usually printed on the ticket. If you need to correct an issue, such as an obscured license plate, you will need to remove what is blocking the plate. However, if you believe your ticket was issued in error or you don’t agree with the issuing officer, you may choose to fight your ticket.

Fighting your ticket in court can be difficult without an attorney. As a driver, you must have in-depth knowledge of the law and why you were issued a ticket in the first place. An attorney can help you better navigate the process of fighting a fix-it ticket.

Don’t Ignore Your Traffic Ticket: Let Us Fix It

Don’t fight a fix it ticket or a correctable violation alone hire Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law Group. We have an 90%* success rate fighting fix it tickets in Illinois. We specialize in all types of fix it tickets from window tint to exhaust to expired licenses. We will go to court for you and fight. We have lawyers in every courthouse in the Chicago area. In most fix it ticket cases, you don’t need to go to court, we will go for you. On the ticket you receive, you will see your court appearance date at the bottom. Your court date is the deadline by which you have to fix the specified issue. We will represent you in court and help you fight your ticket and fines.

No one likes to get a traffic ticket. Paying fines is an expensive, time consuming and sometimes unnecessary part of driving a car. If you have an outstanding citation right now, whatever you do, do not ignore it. Choosing to plead guilty by just paying the ticket is one option, but be prepared because you are going to probably get a surprise when your auto insurance renewal notice comes in the mail in the form of higher rates. Your other option is to get a team such as Traffic and Speeding Ticket Law Group in your corner to use every possible legal means to get your driving record cleared.

Let Our Knowledge Work for You

When you find yourself in trouble over a traffic ticket, we want you to think about calling us. Whether you need a qualified speeding ticket fixer or you are holding an illegal U-turn ticket, our lawyers are ready and willing to step up and provide the experienced attorney you need to protect your driving record.

We have a traffic offense lawyer who is ready to help straighten out your traffic problems. Contact us today by calling 773-609-4108 or using our online form to find out how we can help you fight traffic ticket.

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