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Overweight Truck Violations

If you are operating a large payload in the state of Illinois, you need to be familiar with what the weight limits of your truck is and and the specific payload on the highways with in the state of Illinois. The Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/15-112), alongside local village and city ordinances and the city of Chicago, limit the amount of weight for business and commercial purposes. The weight limits are instituted on big rigs to protect the roadways from damage and keep them safe for motorists. 

The vehicle weights that is allowed on the highways is governed by the Illinois General Assembly. Local courts and law enforcement manage the amount of weight on roadways within the limits of their jurisdiction. Truck weight limits is addressed in the state statute which allows for a certain amount of weight in commercial vehicles. 

After a police officer issues the weight ticket, they will typically require a paid bond for the amount equal to the fine that is in excess of the weight limit. This is to guarantee that if the truck driver does not show up to court, the amount of fine will be sufficient to satisfy the entire fine. In case the driver can't pay the amount of fine, at the time of the ticket, the police officer will issue a "bond sheet." This document will detail the amount of fine, and a promise from the driver to appear in court. The driver is always personally responsible for the overweight fine. This means that the police officer will not issue the overweight fine to the employer. 

The truck driver must carry the appropriate registration for the commercial vehicle with the Secretary of State in Illinois, in order to carry the proper weight. If you fail to properly comply with registration requirements, you may also face a fine. 

A traffic lawyer from Traffic and Speeding Law Group can closely examine your case and determine if you have a bases for the ticket to get dismissed. 

Your traffic lawyer can also appear in court and negotiate a significantly lower fine and guarantee it doesn't appear on your record. In most cases, we can appear on your behalf, allowing you to stay on the road. 

Value Of An Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney In Court Proceedings

If you are like most people who are likely unfamiliar with the language and routines involved in traffic court proceedings, then you are at a disadvantage. Fighting for your case against the opposing police officer who has attended traffic court hearings on numerous occasions will likely have the upper hand. This officer already knows how to present his or her case well, which is important for you to hire the Odeh Law Group Traffic Ticket lawyer to fight for you.


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