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What Can You Do If You Get a Speeding Ticket

In Illinois, accidents happen hundreds of times each day. Road conditions are not ideal, as we constantly deal with bad weather, traffic, and construction. 

Accidents sometimes cannot be avvoided, nevertheless, they can lead to negative points on your driving record, which can increase your insurance rates significantly. Our experienced attoenys can represent you in court to help reduce the costly consequences. 


 The state must prove that Speeding, improper passing, no turn signal, illegal u-turn or whatever violation caused the accident. Utilizing our experienced attorneys can help save you on ticket fines, negative marks on your license, and can also prevent auto insurance rate increase. 


Why Should You Choose Our Traffic and Speeding Law Group To Represent You In Traffic Court?

  1. We are a real law firm with former government attorneys who will review your case. We are not an app and not robots. Our legal team will walk you through the entire process and keep you informed throughout the case. 

  2. We will actually go to trial and fight your ticket in court. Many so-called “ticket fighting services” only push paperwork and will end up referring you to our firm when they fail.

  3. Our traffic lawyers have over 30 years of experiece. Traffic ticket attorneys at the Odeh Law Group have developed defense strategies from handling thousands of cases accross the state of Illinois. 

Throughout Illinois, accidents happen very often. After an accident, police officers will arrive on the scene to determin which motorist is at fault and determine whether to issue any citations for the accident. If you were charged with a moving violation after an accident, you have the right to challenge the ticket in court. Our traffic ticket attorneys can provide affordable in court representation on your behalf. 

Why Should You Fight Your Ticket

When you are charged with an accident ticket, the state will have to prove you

committed a moving violation, such as failure to signal, speeding, or illegal U-turn. 

If found guilty, you risk high fines, increased insurance premiums and points on your

license, all of which are costly. Accident tickets in Illinois are higher than many other states,

which can really put a burden on your budget. In fact, the Illinois Traffic Court System take in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, simply people don't dispute their tickets and pay in full. 

A traffic ticket attorney can argue your side of the story in front of a judge, often resulting in reduced fines, no points or even dismissal.

Our legal team at Traffic and Speeding Law Group have an over 90% success rate with moving violations and traffic crimes. For over 30 years, we've helped thousands of individuals reduce their DUI ticket cost, beat speed and red light cameras, and dismiss speeding tickets. We have experience in fighting all traffic offenses, including:

  • Illegal U Turn Tickets

  • Red Light Camera Violations

  • Speeding Tickets

  • DUI Citations

  • Accident Tickets

  • Reckless Driving Violations

It is very important to remember that an attorney with direct experience working on accident cases similar to yours will provide you with the most help when defending you in court. For example, if you had a U-turn accident, U-turn accident lawyers understand exactly how to collect evidence to support your side of the case and they know what to do in court if going to court becomes necessary. Depending on the lawyer's experience, they should be able to help you how much your ticket will be reduced, or if they will be able to eliminate it all together. 

Why Should You Fight Your Ticket

Unlike other ticket fighting service, we are a real law firm with experienced attorneys who will represent you in traffic court. We represent clients needing red light camera attorney or a suspended license lawyer, one of our experienced traffic attorney will walk you through the entire process and fight for you in court. 


If you’ve received a traffic violation, take action immediately. Present your case to one of our attorneys today. Give us a call at 708-292-2112 or contact us online to connect with a representative from our firm. It's very important to get your case moving quickly in order to prevent your insurance from increasing, and so you don’t get stuck with paying a traffic ticket that costs more than it should.

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